Monday, January 31, 2011


Big KRIT | Viz Ink Interview from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

A cool interview wit da homie krit... return of 4 Eva drops 3-22-2011....u kno what to do


U kno i try to keep the supporters i do have updated on whats going on... right now im working on the "serve n collect 3" cd wit my boss hogg outlawz fam which is something yall should love. Im also working on the SmokeNride EP and my full project im droppin in the summer. I have a title for that but ill announce it later. The music is jammin as usual and alot more melodic im tryin some differnent shit so i hope yall dig it. Working with the usual suspects on production Dj Mr Rogers, Stunt N Dozier, and also working with Dj Burn One the legendary Mr. Lee, and my brotha from anotha taylor gangs Cardo. Might have some cool features from some OGs in the game so stay posted and we are working on some dope visuals. Keep a look out 4 new shit and appreciate all the continued support ya diiig. lol

P.S. Hustle hard Bitches.... ft thugga and MUG

Keep it playa @ warehouse live

Me n da homie mookie jones perform that keep it playa...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"like me" video

Friday, January 7, 2011


YOOO sup to everyone jus wanted to update yall to some new stuff going on.

First.... go to and subscribe we about to drop a bunch of visuals so thats how you can keep up with that.

2nd..... ive got a buuuuuuuunch of emails about the twitter post on the blog and deleting the twitter so what we decided to do is create a twitter for the FANS and SUPPORTERS only jus to keep you guys updated with everything and so i can talk to yall since that is the dopest thing about it. (you got 2 understand when i first got a twitter i wasnt a rapper so this time around its jus for you guys) But seriously tho i appreciate all the emails and concern. Believe me ya homie isnt sad or depressed or any of that...just not a big fan of vanity and fake stuff and thats all i seen on there. So if u wanna support follow..... and tell a friend...keep it positive.

3rd and most importantly is we are working on the EP im aiming to drop it Late FEB or early putting my all into this i really hope you guys enjoy it so be on the look out.

Appreciate all the support from the heart....lets kill em this year